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This is how to run a stick of Chapstick
down the black boxes on your scantron
so the grading machine skips the wrong
answers. This is how to honor roll. Hell,
this is how to National Honor Society.
This is being voted “Most Likely to Marry
for Money” or “Talks the Most, Says the
Least” for senior superlatives. This is
stepping around the kids having panic
attacks in the hallway. This is being the
kid having a panic attack in the hallway.
This is making the A with purple moons
stamped under both eyes. We had to try.
This is telling the ACT supervisor you have
ADHD to get extra time. Today, the average
high school student has the same anxiety
levels as the average 1950’s psychiatric
patient. We know the Pythagorean theorem
by heart, but short-circuit when asked
“How are you?” We don’t know. We don’t
know. That wasn’t on the study guide.
We usually know the answer, but rarely
know ourselves.


- HIGH SCHOOL By Blythe Baird (via blythebrooklyn)

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it ok to not be ready

Please spread this shit like wildfire. People go on and sit through the whole experience and they’re uncomfortable because they just want to please their partner and they don’t tell them that they want to stop because they are not ready. It’s okay not to be ready. 

i wish someone had told me this kind of stuff when i was younger… ಠ_ಠ

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ponytails make me feel cute

ponytails make me feel cute

The person I reblogged this from deserves to be happy.

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"I want to kiss you so hard that you will never be able to get the taste of me out of your mouth."

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Nathan Fillion is not appreciated enough.

One of my favourite human beings — for a reason.

Love him!

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"I want all of my lasts to be with you."

- Untitled (Phoebe Chapin)

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Alysha Nett


Lindsay Lohan & Daniel Franzese, 2004/2014

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